our WORK.

More than 30 years ago, Capitol Services, Inc. was founded on the simple idea that everyone deserved to have a voice in our political process.  Our clients' perspective and the needs of the people they represented were important. They had something to add to the debate and they needed someone to help. 

That’s exactly what Capitol Services did. 

Starting out this way taught us very important lessons.  We had to work.  Hard.  We needed to be smarter and understand better the issues and policies we took on. We had to establish lasting relationships, built on trust, honesty and bipartisanship. We needed to be loyal to our clients and ourselves. And we needed to be successful.

Now we bring these assets to you.  Capitol Services will:

  • Ensure direct client access to key legislative and executive branch leaders.
  • Collaborate and articulate your legislative and public policy agenda to the decision makers who need to know it.
  • Prepare and execute strategic public policy plans to achieve your legislative and regulatory goals.
  • Provide direct lobbying services.
  • Provide large issue management services.
  • Build and manage coalitions in support of your issue.
  • Offer assistance and counsel in your procurement efforts.
  • Monitor legislative and administrative activities, prepare internal communications and manage Political Action Committees.

Every client is unique. Whether you work with a large multinational company, small local nonprofit or statewide trade association, our pledge is to be your voice and get results for you.